Wish List


     At Craig Springs we are always in needs of items big & small, new & used.  Please Email admin@craigsprings.org if you are interested in donating an item, or making a donation for the purchase of an item.   If you have something not on the list for which you think we might have use ... please Email  admin@craigsprings.org.   To make an online cash donation go to Online-Giving and select Craig Springs Operations, or Craig Spring Capital Projects.  Donations may also be mailed to Craig Springs (30 Craig Spring Circle, New Castle, VA  24127) or to the Regional Office (Christian Church in VA, 1290 Enterprise Drive, Lynchburg, VA  24502.  Please designated for "Operating Fund" or "Capital Fund" and any details about further designation.

Hide-a-Bed Couch - Twin Size:

There is space in the living area of the Oak Lodge Apartment and in the Brookside cottages for twin size couches that convert to a twin size bed.   Both the Oak Apartment and the Brookside cottages are good locations for personal, couple, family or small group retreats. The "apartment" is also available year around for volunteers working on projects ... it is the only space available when the main water system is shut down.  The addition of additional hide-a-beds would be a real help families or small groups.


with animal resistant lids ... while the camp seems to own a pretty good selection of trashcans, very few of them have animal resistant lids. 

Books:  We are in the process of establishing several locations at the camp for "Personal Retreats" ... in each of the locations we want to have a SMALL library of "reflective" books.  We already have plenty of Bibles in a variety of versions, and a good selection of hymnals.  What we are short of are book of poetry and other inspirational material.  Please note, either send a book list for us to select from or understand that donated un-needed duplicates and books in excess of our need will be passed along and not retained by the camp.

Gator or other ATV:

Currently for the staff to get around the camp including checking the reservior, pumphouse, trash pickup, etc ... when it can't be done on foot we only have a large pickup.  Because of the terrain a golf cart only works in the main area of the camp.   It would be far more fuel efficient to use a reasonable sized ATV.  It would also be useful when we need to transport an injured hiker since it would go places the golf-cart and pickup can't.

Mesh Pool Cover:

---more info on this later---

Large Project Contributions

Kitchen Replacement Project:  The plan to replace the main kitchen included in a "Master Plan" approved over 40 years ago has been re-instated.  The Property Committee is working diligently with an Architectural Firm to create concept plans for the new kitchen.  Once those documents are accepted fund raising can begin in earnest, but donations for the Kitchen Project are always welcome.

Gymnasium Project:  During rainy weeks of camp we need to have a larger "play space" for the camps to used.  The Property Committee has approved in principal the conversion of the Ball Court into a Gymnasium.  This project can be implemented in three somewhat distinct components.  1) Remove the existing fencing, erect a metal building (white with green trim) over the existing asphalted area, and cover the asphalt with a material suitable for insite the building.  2) Add a bathroom/storage building just outside the main entrance of the gym. 3) Add an additional room, probably on the upper side, a additional play space, large enough for ping-pong and small group games but with a much lower ceiling.